Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baboons vs Sasha

On our way to Cape of Good Hope we were met by 15 or so wild baboons just going about their normal lives along the cape. It blew my mind that they were not afraid to be by the road and that they were almost a little daredevil about it all and were really ballsy and didn't care if a car was coming or not. They came within inches of the car and we discovered that like the shark watchman there were also men who watched the baboons and if they were in the road or were going to get hit it was their job to rescue them! 

We also saw wild ostriches along the same road, although we didn't spot anyone watching out for them, so either there is an over population or the ostrich meat here is realy tasty. 

We finally got to the bottom of Cape Hope and were met with a little 820ft climb to the top. It actually was really exciting and an adventure to climb all the way to the top. The "stairs", I use quatations because they consisted of rocks here and there and a few wooden edges, were inconsistent and jagged but it made it more exciting! I felt like Indians Jones navigating through the twists and turns of the mountain and being inches from the edge with nothing to hold me back was terrifying but totally worth it. My sister told us a tip for climbing is to have 3 pints of your body touching a rock or the ground at all times, my dad heard that as 3 quarters touching at all times and began joking that he was using minimal contact with the cliff and telling us he was climbing on his tippy toes.... welcome to my dads funny and interesting world! 

When we finally reached the top it was absolutely gorgeous, even though it was a bit overcast you could still see the outline of the mountains and hear the waves crashing into the side of the cliff. Well worth risking my life to see Capetown from that view!

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