Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Climbing the southern most tip of Africa

My first full day in Capetown was full of unexpected fun and adventure. We started out the day visting the neighborhood my sister has been living in then going to lunch at Mama Chochi. Then we headed to Boulders Beach to visit the penguins. On our way we stopped on the side of a cliff to watch for sharks and we met a man who sat in a little post and whose sole job was to watch for sharks coming into the harbor. If he saw one he would radio down to the beach and a siren would go off warning all the surfers to leg it back to the beach because a shark was near by. He told us he hadn't seen one in a bout to weeks but I kept holding out and hoping that today would be the day, but I thought it would be better not to see one because then it would be risking the lives of all the surfers in the water. Then I thought, the surfers know their risks when they get into the water so for 10 minutes I was rooting to see a shark... But we never did. 

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