Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY : Metallic Art Project

Friday I was in the mood to be a little creative so I gathered my brushes, paint and canvases and got to work…

Brushes - any size
Metallic Paint

* All can be found at Hobby Lobby*

Painting and listening to radiolab is exactly what I needed.

1. Paint the canvas with 2 coats of any chosen color. Allow 20 mins to dry. 
2. Take your metallic paint and apply it generously to either end letting the brush fall away towards the middle of the canvas. Apply 2-3 coats.
3. You're done! Easy, simple project to add to your art collection.

While I waited for the paint to dry I spontaneously was inspired to put these lights up in my room being the rolling rack. All it took was 5 minutes, a hammer, 3 nails and a little creativity! Since I hung them up, I haven't turned them off!

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  1. How do you come up with such creative ideas? I have had a string of lights laying around for MONTHS with no idea what to do with them! It never would have crossed my mind to hang them up, and even if it had I wouldn't know where to begin! Thanks as always for your inspiration and instruction!