Monday, March 9, 2015

Milkshakes, Errands + Fundraisers

Saturday started out with errand adventures to Dick's Sporting Goods, Chick-Fil-A(where my life was put to risk)and then an impromptu trip to Oberweis. It ended in high heels at a fundraiser - gala for the Riverside Foundation!

Marc and I can be doing the most mundane things like grocery shopping or going to a sporting store and we manage to laugh and have a blast. Such was the case at Dick's Sporting Goods as we strolled through the store testing out punching bags and picking out backpacks for an imaginary trip we're going on. 

Our next stop was Chick-Fil-A. I had never been there before but I have no issues with chicken nuggets so we devoured the chicken and waffle fries and it was pretty good! As Marc was finishing up I noticed on the box they proudly advertised that their chicken was fried in 100% peanut oil… This is not what someone with an allergy to peanuts and no Epi pen wants to hear. I started chugging water and iced tea and luckily didn't get anything more than a tingly lip and tongue.

After my brush with death I decided I needed something to wash it down with so naturally we went to Oberweis for cookie dough milkshakes and a rousing game of chess. If you've never been to Oberweis and you've always wanted to experience a 1950's ice cream parlor vibe, than this is the place for you!! All we were missing was a leather jacket and poodle skirt. 

Fast forward 4 hours and we found ourselves at the Annual Riverside Foundation Gala. My entire Domanico family attends every year to help raise money for the assisted living home where my Uncle Paul lives. The night consists of a silent auction, live auction, trip raffle, open bar, dinner and dancing in a beautifully tented room at the Marriott Lincolnshire. 

Marc, myself and my parents.

Marc and I started wandering through the tables with the silent auction items with NO intention of bidding on anything, however we happened to find an Amazon HD Fire tablet that had a reasonable bid price of $55. We got excited and placed our bid at $70 and as we pressed the button we felt a little adrenaline but it was immediately met with defeat when we were outbid by the first bidders maximum bid of $100. Our joy was short lived but none the less fun!

When the live auction began Marc and I took a paddle for fun and watched money fly around the room. One item in particular sent the room into a frenzy, 18 person suite at a Bulls or Blackhawks game. It got down to 2 men, at the same table that were clearly trying to show each other up and it sold for $10,000. Absolutely INSANE!!! For a girl who doesn't really care for sports and doesn't have $10,000 to throw around, the thought of biding on that item is mad!

My mom however did walk away with a great silent auction item, a curator led tour of the Art Institute for 4 people. I of course quickly volunteered Marc and I to be her plus 2 for the day!

This fruit tart deserved its own shot out!

The food at this event is always pretty good so I was of course excited to feast on the meal… until the first course came, a walnut + apple salad. I'm allergic to walnuts and I'm kind of allergic to apples so I ate a leaf or two because I'd already let my life hang in the balance once that day and I still wanted to dance that night so I waited for the main course. 

I knew the main course was going to have red meat and fish portion so I let Marc have a second helping of filet mignon. When desert came and Marc couldn't eat another bite, I gladly stepped in and fell on that berry lemon sword and helped finish both our deserts!

The night ended with everyone on the dance floor and watching my dad boogie to B-52's Loveshack. 

They raised over $128,000 for the foundation and we had an amazing night.

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